Practice ACCNS-P Exam Questions

Practice ACCNS-P Exam Questions

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Booklet, 56 pages, 2017

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Practice ACCNS-P Exam Questions

Special offer: Receive this item free when you apply for the ACCNS-P certification exam. Click here to apply for the exam, and a link to the PDF version of this item will be emailed to you with the confirmation of your exam purchase.

Constructed according to the ACCNS-P Test Plan, this booklet contains 70 questions and provides rationales for both correct and incorrect answers. Correct answers, test plan and exam bibliography are included.

This practice questions booklet is a study tool designed to help you prepare for the pediatric clinical nurse specialist (wellness through acute care) exam. It is not a psychometrically valid exam and cannot be used to accurately predict or guarantee performance on an actual certification exam. However, the questions are representative of the type and format of questions typically found on the ACCNS-P exam.

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Author: AACN Certification Corporation