Critical Care Nursing of Older Adults

Critical Care Nursing of Older Adults

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Book, 448 pages, 2009

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Critical Care Nursing of Older Adults

This book is an evidence-based, best-practices guide that directs the bedside care of critically ill elders. The book serves as a reference on major clinical issues for nurses working at the forefront of care-from nurses in critical care and step-down units to those in trauma and emergency departments. Nurse educators at all degree levels will also find this book to be useful as a textbook and resource for students.
The authors provide evidence-based, practical guidelines for both the complex clinical and management aspects of care. The book offers comprehensive coverage of all the issues caregivers need to be up to date on, including the standards of practice for geriatric care, new technologies, pharmacotherapy, pain management issues, ethical issues, and much more.
Key topics discussed:

Strategies for patient safety for older patients in the intensive care setting

Family responses to critical care of the older adult

Infection, sepsis, and immune function

Understanding and managing sleep disorders in older patients in the ICU

Heart failure in the critically ill older patient

Substance abuse and withdrawal in elderly patients

Table of Contents:

Part I: The context for critical care nursing of older adults

Chapter 1: Introduction and overview

Chapter 2: Standards of Practice for Gerontological and Critical Care Nursing

Chapter 3: The Critical Care Environment

Chapter 4: Patient Safety for Older Patients in the Intensive Care Setting

Part II: Social aspects of critical care nursing of older adults

Chapter 5: Ethical Decision Making

Chapter 6: Continuity of Care 

Chapter 7: Family Responses to Critical Care of the Older Adult

Chapter 8: End-of-life care and decisions about life-sustaining treatments

Chapter 9: Becoming Frail

Chapter 10: The Chronically Critically Ill

Chapter 11: Function of Older Adults In Acute Care: Optimizing on an Opportunity

Part III: Foundations for clinical care of critically ill older adults Chapter 12: Physiology of Aging: Impact on Critical Illness and Treatment

Chapter 13: Pharmacotherapy

Chapter 14: Nutrition and Hydration

Chapter 15: Physical Restraints in Critical Care: Practice Issues and Future Directions

Chapter 16: Infection, Sepsis and Immune Function

Chapter 17: Understanding and Managing Sleep Disorders in Older Adults Patients in the Intensive Care Unit

Chapter 18: Pain in the Critically Ill Older Adult
Part IV: Approaches to complex clinical issues is critically ill older adults

Chapter 19: Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management

Chapter 20: Wound Healing in the Elderly

Chapter 21: Substance Abuse & Withdrawal

Chapter 22: Urinary Incontinence in Critically Ill Older Adults

Chapter 23: Heart Failure in the Critically Ill Older Patient

Chapter 24: Perioperative Care

Chapter 25: Acute Respiratory Failure and Mechanical Ventilation in the Elderly

Chapter 26: Delirium in Critical Illness Index

ISBN #: 9780826110961

Authors: M. Foreman, T. Fulmer, K. Milisen

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