De-Escalating Violence in Healthcare

De-Escalating Violence in Healthcare

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Book, 277 pages, 2019

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De-Escalating Violence in Healthcare

Nurses remain front and center in healthcare facilities and thus maintain the most contact with patients, families and visitors. Access to mental health care is not currently optimized in the United States and more Americans are experiencing mental illness. This book informs readers in detail about aggression, therapeutic de-escalation and effective communication. This book will strengthen your awareness and methods based on the latest information and evidence for your own safety. The organization of this book allows the reader to determine the areas they would like to learn more about as they go through it.

Key Features:

  • Understand the variables, risk factors, and triggers of aggression and violence
  • Assess mental health status and practice conflict resolution and crisis intervention
  • Identify and manage difficult behavioral issues associated with schizophrenia, dementia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and other conditions
  • Foster a caring and healing environment to reduce violence
  • Build a healthcare violence prevention program

ISBN #: 9781948057493

Author: S.E. McKnight