AACN Chapter Listserv

Welcome to the AACN Chapter Listserv! The Chapter Listserv was created in order to enhance communication among our local level AACN chapter members and constituency and enable the sharing of experiences, best practices and lessons learned.

Additionally, the ACCN Chapter Listserv serves to further expand opportunities at the local and regional level, making it possible for AACN chapter members to network with other chapters.

The AACN Chapter Listserv is comprised of AACN chapter volunteers in leadership positions at the local and National level who have responsibility for chapter resource management and strategic development.

Members should include all Chapter Advisors and all chapter leadership positions, including but not limited to, president, president-elect, treasurer, secretary and other board and/or committee positions.

All AACN Chapter Listserv members are expected to contribute to the listserv on a regular basis and act in accordance with the norms and values of AACN.

Please review the following resources prior to accessing the AACN Chapter Listserv:

To access the AACN Chapter Listserv, please follow the link below.