Our Voice, Our Strength: AACN’s 2018-2019 Theme

Jul 01, 2018

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Positive deviance is based on a very simple principle. It says, “It is easier to ACT your way into a new way of thinking than it is to THINK your way into a new way of acting.”

Deviant practices are a mechanism that allows us to act our way into a new way of thinking. They jar us. They shake us up. They push us in new directions. And they do this simply by making us question our usual practices to allow us to arrive at a better result.

We can create the workplaces we want and need when we use our voice. Let’s confidently step into our strength.

Lisa Riggs

For her dynamic theme for 2018-2019 — Our Voice, Our Strength — AACN President Lisa Riggs drew upon the power of positive deviance to ask the AACN community, “How can we nurses act our way into a new way of thinking?”

Riggs says the power we have as nurses inspired Our Voice, Our Strength.

“When we use our collective voice and the strength we have as nurses,” she says, “we can invent our future — not become victims of it. Our voice and our strength give us power. The power we need to change this profession we love.”

She adds that reinventing our future must come from us, our community of exceptional nurses, and it will result from the power of Our Voice, Our Strength.

“Let’s be courageous and reinvent our future,” she says. “We can create the workplaces we want and need when we use our voice. Let’s confidently step into our strength.”

The original art designed by Canadian artist Helen D’Souza illustrates the essence of this year’s theme.

We are happy to provide the theme artwork for your personal use. Here are some suggestions for integrating the theme into your daily work:

  • Ponder the artwork to decide how it relates to your interpretation of this year’s theme. Discuss its meaning with your colleagues and co-workers.
  • Use it on printed material such as newsletters, flyers, posters, handouts and announcements.
  • Use PowerPoint templates for internal presentations, such as those that promote your chapter/institution’s meetings and events.
  • Use approved theme art products from the AACN Online Bookstore to generate revenue for your chapter.

Please be advised that the theme art:

  • Must always appear in its entirety and not be modified or altered in any way.
  • May be used to promote local chapter events and activities.
  • May be used in social media in a posting but not as an identifier for a chapter, institution or individual (e.g., “profile picture” or “cover photo” on Facebook).
  • May not be imprinted on any item (T-shirt, hat, mug, etc.) that will be sold.

To download the artwork, right click on a link, choose "Save Target As ..." and save to your computer.

2019 Theme Poster - Large
2019 Theme Poster - Small
2019 Theme PowerPoint Template
2019 Theme Graphic - Chapters

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