Value of Certification

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Benefits of Certification

Find facts about how certification benefits patients, employers and nurses.

Upholding the Value of Certification 

Maintaining certification exam integrity is key to public protection, the main focus of AACN Certification Corporation's mission. Certified nurses, exam candidates and certification organizations have responsibilities to keep item content confidential and to enforce the appropriate use of credentials. Access tools and resources that help you uphold the value of certification. 

Evidence That Supports Certification

Build a case for the value of certification using tools such as: an annotated bibliography of research studies showing outcomes linked to certification; AACN Certification Corporation’s white paper on certification, which offers an action list for nurses, employers and the public; and articles explaining how certification can serve as a valuable marketing tool for individuals and organizations.

Create a 'Culture of Certification'

Access certification best practices, posters, presentations, position statements and articles to learn what others are doing to promote certification. Get information about being an AACN Ambassador as well as certification discount programs.

Celebrate Certification

Explore ways to celebrate, honor and recognize certified nurses, and view AACN's flyer of certification recognition products.