What makes a work environment healthy?

It’s what you’d expect: a place where you can make your optimal contribution. The six AACN Healthy Work Environment (HWE) standards outline ingredients for success.

Skilled Communication
Be as proficient in communication skills as you are in clinical skills.
True Collaboration
Be relentless in pursuing and fostering true collaboration.
Effective Decision Making
Be committed partners in making policy, directing and evaluating clinical care, and leading organizational operations.
Appropriate Staffing

Staffing must ensure the effective match between patient needs and nurse competencies.

Meaningful Recognition
Be recognized and recognize others for the value each brings to the work of the organization.
Authentic Leadership
Fully embrace the imperative of a healthy work environment, authentically live it and engage others in its achievement.

Find More Resources

Read more about the resources for each Healthy Work Environment (HWE) standard.

Read the full standards or the executive summary

“AACN Standards for Establishing and Sustaining Healthy Work Environments: A Journey to Excellence”

How Does the Assessment Tool Work?

You and your team can collectively measure the health of your work environment against the six standards. Here’s how:

Get started
Check out the assessment tool. It’s quick and free! Just answer a few questions and your unit’s assessment survey tool is ready to go.
Send out the HWE survey

With our tool, send your team an email with a link to an anonymous online survey.

Download your HWE report
After completing the report, you and your team can collectively measure your work environment's current health against the HWE standards.
Take action
The report recommends steps and resources to help you diagnose the root cause of problems and start the journey to resolve them.

Anyone can create an assessment, and it's free.

Assessing Barriers to Drive Positive Change

An assessment to identify and validate the barriers that are impeding the optimal delivery of nursing care to inform our educational and advocacy strategies for the future.