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Nurses Transforming Healthcare Through Innovation

AACN believes direct care nurses are critical drivers in creating lasting change that optimizes quality indicators and, ultimately, transforms healthcare. Imagine decreasing hospital-acquired conditions, delirium and other adverse events as well as and improving retention, turnover and the health of the work environment just by having nurses — the care providers on the front line with patients — develop innovative solutions.

AACN CSI Academy aims to provide nurses with the knowledge, skills and support to lead their peers in creating unit-based change that is easily scaled for maximum impact. Their powerful results clearly show the return on investment of empowering nurses at the bedside.

AACN Clinical Scene Investigator (CSI) Academy is a hospital-based, experiential nurse leadership and innovation training program designed to empower direct care nurses as clinician leaders and change agents whose initiatives measurably improve patient, staffing and fiscal outcomes.

At its core, AACN CSI Academy leverages nurses’ expertise to enhance patient care and their work environment, expanding that expertise with additional leadership skills gained through education, coaching and mentoring.

Unit-based teams of nurses immediately apply their learning by identifying priority patient-care or professional challenges, then developing, implementing and evaluating solutions that result in quantifiable improvements.

Unlike other quality-focused programs, AACN CSI Academy goes beyond offering tools and processes by using implementation science as a framework for teaching the theory and practice of creating and sustaining positive change. CSI Academy curriculum consists of content delivered in an experiential learning environment, including on-site and virtual workshops, online education activities and faculty consultations.

Topics include:
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Workplace Innovation
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Business Case for Quality
  • Advancing Organizational Excellence
  • Healthy Work Environment Standards
  • Project Identification
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Strategic Communications
  • Scaling and Sustaining Projects

Bring AACN CSI Academy to Your Hospital

Are you ready to improve outcomes and enhance quality indicators at your organization? Let’s talk. AACN CSI Academy’s flexible structure and consultative approach are designed to meet the unique needs of individual hospitals and health systems. We invite you to connect with our CSI faculty to discuss your facility’s needs and how this nurse innovation program can help you achieve your organizational objectives.

AACN CSI Program Results

  • Program Reach

  • Project Outcomes

  • Fiscal Impact

  • Nurse Impact

The number of lives touched by AACN CSI Academy continues to grow as does the range of clinical challenges tackled by participants.
CSI team members report achieving measurable improvements to patient, nurse and hospital outcomes.
CSI Academy nurses report that their efforts to influence change in patient care processes and protocols reduced hospital costs while improving outcomes.
CSI Academy participants experience profound personal and professional growth, and help elevate the profession through widespread sharing of innovation.

CSI Academy FAQ

You have questions—we have answers. Learn more about the AACN CSI Academy program and how it works.