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AACN Healthy Work Environments

Establishing and sustaining healthy work environments must be a priority if nurses are going to make their optimal contributions in caring for patients and patients' families. The link between healthy work environments and patient safety, nurse retention and recruitment and, thus, the bottom line, is irrefutable.

Mutual respect and trust breeds a culture of safety; we feel supported, therefore we speak up.

Rebekah Friedrich, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore
AACN Healthy Work Environments
Establishing healthy work environments is one of AACN's three advocacy ideals.
AACN Standards
AACN Standards describe the level of care by which the quality of nursing practice can be judged.

Awards & Recognition

AACN excellence programs recognize our peers doing outstanding work on behalf of high acuity and critical care nursing to improve patient care through system improvements, research and other meaningful contributions that advance the profession.
Beacon Award for Excellence
Provides a road map and tools to assist hospital units on their excellence journey
Circle of Excellence
Recognizes nurses for their exemplary contributions to patient care and our profession
Research Grants
Supports research that drives change in high acuity and critical care nursing practice
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AACN CSI Academy

AACN Clinical Scene Investigator (CSI) Academy empowers nurses as leaders who improve patient care while reducing hospital costs.
  • 1The 16-month AACN CSI Academy program provides staff nurses with the knowledge and support to guide their peers in creating unit-based change that is easily scaled hospital-wide.

  • 2Teams of nurses from participating hospitals identify patient care challenges, then develop, implement and evaluate solutions designed to achieve measurable clinical and financial improvements.

  • 3CSI Academy teams have successfully tackled initiatives such as healthcare-associated infections, pressure ulcers, early progressive mobility, delirium, falls and better communication.

  • 4Find innovative ideas and practice-based solutions to your own facility‚Äôs healthcare challenges by downloading real-world CSI Academy improvement projects and resources.

AACN CSI Academy
See how staff nurses are making a difference for their patients and hospitals.
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Get Involved

Through the contributions of a wide array of volunteers, AACN sharpens the voice of nursing, defines best practices and influences the quality of care.


Ambassadors advance the mission of AACN and promote professional excellence.


Chapters deliver opportunities for leadership, education and service to local communities.


Volunteers add vitality to the life of the AACN Community.

Participate in Research Studies

Research is an important element of shaping the future of nursing and clinical practice. Have your voice heard today.