Our Commitment

As nurses, we have observed and continue to see inequities unfold in healthcare, our communities and our own lives. The current social climate and COVID-19 crisis have amplified racial, economic and health disparities. We, as individuals and as a community, share responsibility for this entrenched system of privilege and oppression. And we also share a responsibility to do better and to be better. So much is at stake.

A Summary of Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Work

AACN's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion journey has its origins in discussions at our board tables. Both boards of directors recognized that their makeup did not reflect the diversity of our membership and nursing communities. In April 2016, a joint board learning session helped our board and staff leadership gain a shared understanding of diversity and inclusion in the AACN context and obtain clarity about the importance of these core concepts in advancing our organizational mission. The key conclusions from that session include the following:

  • This work is not a series of tasks to be checked off a list.
  • This work must be deliberate, sincere and help us evolve into a new way of being.
  • This work must begin with learning, engagement and gaining clarity at a philosophical level.

AACN’s EDI Journey

Our Partners

To advance our learning, we partnered with CommonHealth ACTION to help continue to guide us on this journey.

CommonHealth ACTION’s “equity-focused approach engages the ‘head’ (historical context, data) and the ‘heart’ (fairness, justice) to create a perspective transformation that translates into action.” Their objective is to develop people and organizations to produce health through equitable policies, programs and practices.

We are also committed to listening and learning from you. A truly meaningful contribution to the AACN community can only be shaped with your help. We look forward to engaging with our members and the nursing community to discover the most impactful contributions to creating the future we envision. Today, we want to hear about your experiences, views and ideas. Please share your story.