Need to Dig Into AACN’s Peer-Reviewed Articles? Visit AACN Publishing’s Full-Text Website

By Laura Haefner, MFA, BA Nov 17, 2021

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Today it is more important than ever to prioritize the health of our work environments.

As a member of the AACN Publishing team, I love all the ways I get to interact with the nurses and other members of the healthcare community -- working with them through the publishing process of each journal issue and interacting with them in our booth at the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition. I also help them with questions I sometimes receive when they’re looking for a topic or article they think they saw, but they don’t quite remember where.

“I think it was like a year ago,” someone said. “The author was Smith, maybe? I’m pretty sure it was in AACN Advanced Critical Care, but it might have been Critical Care Nurse. It talked about sepsis. I’ve tried some googling, thumbing through tables of contents at or a couple of keyword searches there, but I couldn’t find it.”

It’s handy when I can remember what they’re talking about, but I’ve worked on a lot of issues, so I don’t often know offhand (or I’m wrong).

My next step from there is available to anyone: Visit the AACN Publishing website. It’s a helpful place to visit if you want to search through all of AACN’s peer-reviewed journal content in one place with one click, find newly published online-only articles or do targeted research (and save the searches).

There is limited access for AACN nonmembers, but you can find free-access articles without logging in. AACN members can access the full content of American Journal of Critical Care and Critical Care Nurse via their AACN log-in. (If you’re already logged into, you’ll automatically be recognized and be able to access all that content immediately.) Those who subscribe can also access full content for the quarterly AACN Advanced Critical Care.

Some other things you can do at the website include:

  • Browse within each journal by issue
  • Read free ahead-of-print and online now articles on timely topics
  • Access free content such as videos, conference listings and editor columns
  • Explore full lists of CE articles
  • Sign up for alerts to be notified of new issues and ahead-of-print content

In the case of the nurse looking for Smith’s article mentioning sepsis, I searched by author and keyword in all three journals at the same time. If this nurse were interested in capturing all upcoming articles that discussed sepsis in Critical Care Nurse (where the article she was looking for was published), I would help her save her search and set up alerts to let her know when new content is published meeting those parameters.

Keeping your clinical resources toolbox up-to-date in these challenging times should be as easy as possible, so I hope these tips help to expand yours.

What are your go-to AACN resources for up-to-date clinical content?