For up-to-date eligibility requirements and policies, consult the latest version of the exam handbook for your certification and the Certification Exam Policy Handbook.
Before you Begin
Have the following items handy before you begin:
Current RN or APRN license number and expiration date
Name, facility, phone and email address of a clinical supervisor or a professional associate (RN, APRN or physician) who can verify your clinical or practice hour eligibility requirements. You may not list yourself or a relative as your verifier. A verifier is not required for APRN exam applicants
Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express)
PCCN-K (Adult) Initial Exam
$200 Members ($105 savings)
$305 Nonmembers
(You will be able to purchase membership during the application process)
You are not eligible to apply for this exam.
PCCN-K (Adult) Initial Exam
Testing Outside the US
$280 Members ($105 savings)
$385 Nonmembers
US RN license required. For international testing inquiries please contact AACN at