Certification Group Discount

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To help more nurses become certified, AACN offers discounts to hospitals, AACN chapters and individual nurses submitting groups of 10 or more certification exam applications together in one packet.

In a Nutshell

  • Ten or more certification exam candidates each complete a special Certification Group Discount Exam Application and give them to a designated group coordinator along with applicable exam fees
  • The group coordinator submits all applications, documentation and fees together in one package to AACN Certification Corporation.
  • Once group applications are submitted and processed, exam candidates must sit for their exam within 90 days (computer-based testing only).
  • Receive $30 off the member cost per exam (more for nonmembers).
  • All standard certification eligibility requirements apply.

The Details

Which certification exams are eligible?
The Certification Group Discount is valid for initial CCRN, CCRN-E, CCRN-K, PCCN, PCCN-K, CMC and CSC.

Do all 10 applications have to be for the same exam?
No. Different exams may be combined in the group application packet to reach the minimum number of 10 applications.

What testing methods are available?
Exams must be taken via computer-based testing at an AMP Testing Center. This discount is not available for group paper-and-pencil exam sessions.

Do AACN members and nonmembers pay the same discounted price?
No. Exam candidates who are AACN members pay less for group exam applications than nonmembers.

Nonmembers may take advantage of a special, discounted membership rate of $69 per year (normally $78) by submitting a membership application at the same time they apply for the group exam discount (valid for new or renewing members; no minimum).

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Group discount exam pricing:

Number of Applicants Exam Member Pricing Nonmember Pricing
Regular Group Regular Group
10+ CCRN, CCRN-K or CCRN-E $235 $205 $340 $310
PCCN or PCCN-K $185 $155 $285 $255
CMC or CSC $130 $100 $215 $185

How do I take advantage of the Certification Group Discount?
There are two parts to applying for AACNs Certification Group Discount program.

Part 1: Exam Candidates
  • Complete the special two-page exam application and one-page honor statement for your selected exam, found in the Group Discount Exam Application.
  • Provide your completed exam application and fee to your group coordinator/contact person.
  • Schedule your exam date within 90 days after the application is processed and approved. You will receive exam scheduling information from AMP once your application is processed.

Part 2: Group Coordinator/Contact Person
  • Designate a single contact person to represent the group. This person will:
  • Set an internal due date to receive all applications.
  • Collect all exam applications, honor statements and payments, and review them for completeness. Proper payment for each exam must accompany the applications.
  • Complete the Cover Sheet for Group Application Submissions (page 12 of Certification Group Discount Exam Application).
  • Submit the completed cover sheet, plus all applications, honor statements and fee payment(s), in the same package to:
AACN Certification Corporation
Attn: Jean Evingham
101 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

The group coordinator/contact person will be notified via email when the group applications are received and processed. An email and postcard with exam scheduling information will be sent to each applicant.

Need more information?
For questions about the Certification Group Discount program, please email certification@aacn.org or call us at 800-899-2226, ext. 265.