Review and Appeal of Certification Eligibility

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The review and appeal process is available to individuals whose certification status has been denied, expired or revoked.

Review of Certification Eligibility

Initial applicants and prospective applicants may request a review of eligibility within 45 days of notification of denial. The written request should describe their eligibility and how it conforms to the certification program.

Requests for review of expired or revoked certification status should include information and documents to support the request for reinstatement. Requests for review should be received within 30 days of notification of certification expiration or revocation.

Please email your request for review to, or mail to:

Certification Specialist
AACN Certification Corporation
27071 Aliso Creek Road
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

The review process is conducted by the staff of AACN Certification Corporation via the Internal Review Panel (IRP). The IRP will review the documentation provided and render a decision within 30 days. Additional information may be requested by the IRP. The IRP decision will be communicated via phone or email to the individual requesting review.

Appeal of Eligibility, Exam and Renewal Determination

A candidate who believes he/she was unjustly denied eligibility for an exam, who challenges results of an exam or who believes he/she was unjustly denied renewal of certification may request reconsideration of the decision by emailing a written appeal to

The candidate for certification or renewal of certification must provide convincing evidence that a severe disadvantage was afforded the candidate during processing of an application for exam or renewal of certification or prior to or during administration of an exam.

The appeal must be made within 45 days of receipt of the adverse decision (for example, a score report or any other official correspondence related to certification or renewal of certification from AACN Certification Corporation or its agents). The written appeal must also indicate the specific relief requested.

The appeal process is conducted by the AACN Certification Corporation Appeals Panel. The Appeals Panel is comprised of certified peer volunteers who have an understanding of the credential being appealed and are not members of the internal review process. Panel members sign confidentiality agreements as well as conflict of interest forms prior to participation.

The Appeals Panel will review the documentation provided and render a decision within 30 days of date of appeal. The decision of the Appeals Panel is final and will be communicated via email to the requesting individual.

For questions about the review and appeal process, please call AACN Certification Corporation at 800-899-2226.