Testing Information

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Computer-Based Testing (CBT)

Paper-and-Pencil Testing

  • The same eligibility requirements apply as for computer-based testing, although paper-and-pencil exam sessions are priced based on the number testing together and may be higher than for CBT. Refer to the Exam Handbook for your certification for details.
  • For information about paper-and-pencil exams for large groups testing together within the U.S., please contact AACN via email at certification@aacn.org.
  • Requests for paper-and-pencil testing must be submitted in writing at least three months before the exam date, along with all completed applications and appropriate fees.
    • An email address for the group point of contact must be provided.
  • Group discount pricing does not apply to paper-and-pencil sessions.
  • Exam results are mailed to candidates three to four weeks following paper-and-pencil testing.

Testing Outside the U.S.

  • Individuals residing outside the U.S. may apply to test at an international testing site. Exams are offered via paper-and-pencil or Web-based testing.
  • For international testing inquiries or requests please contact AACN via email at certification@aacn.org.
  • Requests for an international paper and pencil exam must be submitted in writing at least three months before the test date.
  • Web-based testing requires a special application, which is available by contacting AACN via email at certification@aacn.org

Candidates With Disabilities or Impairments

  • AACN Certification Corporation is committed to ensuring that no individual is deprived of the opportunity to take the exam solely by reason of a disability or impairment.
    • Every testing site is fully accessible and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Testing accommodations will be considered for individuals with a disability or impairment who submit a Request for Exam Accommodations form in advance.
    • Documentation and verification of the disability or impairment from a licensed professional must be submitted with the exam application and indicated by checking the appropriate box on the exam application.
  • Testing accommodations, such as additional testing time, reader signer or amanuenses, require advance approval.
    • Only candidates approved by AACN Certification Corporation will receive testing accomodations.
  • Scheduling for the hearing impaired is available online at www.goAMP.com.

Candidate Evaluations or Complaints

  • You may provide comments for any test item during a computerized exam by clicking on the button displaying an exclamation point (!) to the left of the TIME button.
    • This opens a dialog box to enter comments.
    • Only comments submitted at the test site will be considered during the final scoring process.
  • Because of test security considerations, you will not receive individual replies about the content of test items, nor will you be permitted to review test items after completing the exam.
  • At the conclusion of the exam, you may complete a brief survey about test administration conditions.
  • Please mail complaints or comments about assessment site facilities, test supervision or any other matter related to the testing program to AACN Certification Corporation, 101 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-4109 or via email to: certification@aacn.org.
  • Provide your name and address in all correspondence.
    • When questions or comments concern an exam already taken, the date of the exam and the location of the testing site must also be noted.
  • We will investigate and reply to each complaint.