Principles Supporting the Value of Certification

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Exam security is paramount in protecting patients, families and certified nurses. When we compromise the value of certification, we compromise the credentials that validate our knowledge in our nursing specialty.

Three firmly held principles — accountability, integrity and stewardship — translate directly into upholding the value of certification. We operate based on these principles and, as a certifying organization, ask that you do so as well.

Be accountable to uphold and consistently act in concert with ethical values and principles.

  • Sign honor statements with integrity and in good faith only when eligibility requirements truly are met.
  • Maintain discretion and honesty by not sharing any exam content.
  • Report infractions of those who share exam content.
  • Do not ask others to divulge exam content.
  • Report infractions of those who use AACN credentials in a fraudulent way, such as knowingly saying they are certified if their certification has expired.
  • When reporting suspected infractions, we understand that we may not have a full picture of the other nurse’s practice or their intentions to obtain or renew certification. Also, please know that all reports and reporting parties are kept confidential.

Act with integrity by communicating openly and honestly, keeping promises, honoring commitments and promoting loyalty in all relationships.

  • Keep your promises based on signed honor statements.
  • Ask AACN Certification Corporation about your eligibility to apply for or renew your certification.
  • Communicate with AACN Certification Corporation to discuss potential options if a certification renewal deadline is missed.
  • Contact AACN Certification Corporation within 30 days if any restrictions are placed on your RN or APRN license and/or nursing practice.
  • Follow the law. Do not tamper with documents or forge a signature.

Demonstrate stewardship through fair and responsible management of resources.

  • Do not cheat. This behavior could result in the need to invalidate the exam for everyone who took it.
  • Value AACN Certification Corporation’s investment in developing psychometrically sound and legally defensible exam content. Exam development requires substantial time, expertise and resources.