Reporting Potential Problems ('Blowing the Whistle')

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AACN Certification Corporation denies or revokes certification when someone:

  • Falsifies a certification exam or renewal application
  • Falsifies any information AACN Certification Corporation requests
  • Cheats or if reasonable evidence shows intent to cheat on an exam
  • Shares certification exam content
  • Misrepresents certification status

Certification may also be denied or revoked for other reasons as listed in certification exam and renewal handbooks.

If you are aware of any misdoings related to maintaining the integrity of our credentials and exams, please report them to AACN Certification Corporation by sending an email to

You may submit a report anonymously. However, signed statements and emails have more credibility. We will keep your name and your report in the strictest confidence. 

AACN Certification Corporation takes these reports very seriously. We appreciate when a person demonstrates the courage to submit a report, especially since AACN Certification Corporation cannot audit our 96,000 certificants at all times.

However, we are aware a person reporting a possible infraction may not be fully aware of the scope of the other person’s current position, or their intention to renew certification at the next cycle.

We evaluate all reports with the utmost fairness. We collect additional evidence if needed and decide on appropriate action. To protect the confidentiality of all exam candidates and certificants, we will not report back to you what we discover or actions we take.