At the Bedside: Teamwork and Flexibility During COVID-19

Episode 4

Host: Jamie Davis, BA, RN, NRP (ret.)
Featured Guest: Nikesha “Niki” Raymond, BSN, RN

Jun 24, 2020

Topic(s): COVID-19, Collaboration

Area(s) of Practice: Critical Care

Role(s): Educator, Manager, Staff

Length: 21 minutes

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In This Episode

As critical care nursing moves toward a post-surge “new normal,” it is natural to pause and consider where we have been and where we are going. Join direct care ICU nurse Niki Raymond as she reflects on facing challenges and overcoming barriers at the bedside along with her nurse colleagues during the height of COVID-19. By sharing her experiences of uncertainty, doubt, fear, hope and support, she demonstrates the strength and perseverance of all nurses through the most chaotic of times.

“Now that we're no longer a COVID unit, we're back to business. You've got to remember how to skate and put on those running shoes … It takes a lot more out of you physically, whereas I feel like COVID took more out of you mentally.”

— Niki Raymond, BSN, RN


02:59 —
Adapting to the new reality of care delivery overnight
05:51 —
Getting “back to normal” as the COVID surge slows
09:13 —
What it’s like standing in for family members and keeping patients connected
13:10 —
Practice innovations to maintain for the next wave
16:40 —
The scariest part of being a nurse during COVID

Host and Featured Guest

Jamie Davis, BA, RN, NRP (ret.)/p>

Host Jamie Davis is a nurse, healthcare journalist and novelist. He began his healthcare career in emergency medicine, ultimately advancing to chief of EMS. Jamie continued his love of patient care by transitioning to nursing. Since 2005, he’s worked as a journalist covering nursing and emergency care topics, and also serves as adjunct faculty for nursing at Cecil College in Maryland.

Nikesha “Niki” Raymond, BSN, RN

Featured guest Niki Raymond is a critical care nurse working in the surgical intensive care unit of a Greater Los Angeles Area hospital. Niki’s 10-year nursing career also includes working in a mixed ICU at an Orange County, Calif. trauma hospital. She loves her job at the beside and can’t picture herself doing anything else – except tending to her vegetable and flower garden.

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