Ochsner Medical Center–Westbank (Gretna, Louisiana)

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Project Topic

Nurse-led rounds in the intensive care unit

Hospital Unit

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

CSI Participants

Emebet Abraham, RN, BSN
Julie Hess, RN, MSN-HCSM, CCRN
Emily Sabolyk, RN, BSN
Kortney Treuting, CCRN, BSN, RN
Julie Vujnovich, RN, BSN

Project Goals/Objectives

  1. To implement a standardized rounding tool
  2. To educate 90 percent of staff on the project, with a focus on components of nurse-led rounds
  3. To improve perception of patient safety
  4. To reduce device utilization (ventilator, urinary catheter, central line)
  5. To reduce average ICU length of stay (LOS) 8 hours
  6. To maintain infection rates below national benchmark

Project Outcomes

  1. Created, implemented and refined a rounding tool
  2. Improved nurse communications between day and night shift
  3. Increased visibility of the entire multidisciplinary team, including nurses and physician
  4. Decreased average ICU LOS 8.16 hours
  5. Decreased average ventilator days 18.17 days
  6. These outcomes resulted in an estimated annual fiscal impact of $628,060.

Project Overview

In the year leading up to our CSI project, our unit experienced turnover that was not typical. Our management, staff and consulting physicians changed significantly over that year. Due to this change, we noticed teamwork was not as strong as it had been previously. We saw a big opportunity for improved communication and collaboration between members of our healthcare team. In addition, we were confident that improving collaboration and communication as it relates to patient care would also improve our patients’ safety and outcomes.

Our CSI team chose to tackle this problem head-on by implementing nurse-led bedside rounds. By implementing nurse-led rounds, we aimed to provide an opportunity for communication about a patient’s plan of care and treatment.

We are excited to see multiple positive outcomes as a result of the new nurse-led bedside rounds. We improved our patients’ outcomes as evidenced by decreased average ICU length of stay and device days. Our staff reports improved communication and teamwork between the day and night shifts. Finally, each member of our team has a voice that is heard daily.

Our rounding tool has been shared with other units that are interested in a similar rounding process, and our tool will also be modified and used for a hospital-wide interdepartmental handoff tool.

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The AACN CSI Academy program supports change projects based on quality improvement methods. Although CSI teams seek to ensure linkage between their project and clinical/fiscal outcomes, data cannot be solely attributed to the project and are estimations of impact.