Standardized Skin Assessment to Identify HAPI

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (Fairbanks, Alaska)

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Project Topic

Hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPI)

Hospital Unit(s)


CSI Participants

Rachael Graetz, BSN, RN
Victoria Ketchum, BA, ATC, PTA
Debbie Pomeroy, BSN, CWON, RN
Paige Ruesch, BSN, RN
Charli Saxton, CNA
Jena Trujillo, BSN, RN

Project Goals/Objectives

  1. Decrease the occurrence of HAPIs 10%
  2. Implement a standardized skin assessment and achieve utilization by 75% of staff

Project Outcomes

  1. Decreased HAPIs 56% (from 18 to 8)
  2. Increased compliance with skin assessment double-verification in the ICU to 85%
  3. These outcomes resulted in an estimated annual fiscal impact of $145,060.

Project Overview

Overall, our CSI project was a success: We were able to decrease the number of HAPIs occurring during a specific studied time period on three units in the hospital, and to implement a standardized skin assessment documentation protocol with CNAs providing the second verification. Challenges still remain with documentation — verbiage needs to be further simplified and mandatory fields need to be reviewed and possibly changed to optional fields to correctly capture the task performed.

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