Welcome to AACN's vibrant online communities, exclusively designed for nurses like you. Each group focuses on acute, progressive and critical care topics. Connect with passionate nurses in a supportive environment fostering meaningful interactions. Engage with like-minded professionals to discuss best practices, explore innovative approaches and relate shared experiences.

You will gain free access to community-shared resources and expertise by joining one or several of these groups. Together, we can tackle challenges, seek inspiration and share knowledge to elevate our nursing practice, enhance patient safety, and ultimately make our work more effective and gratifying. We encourage you to learn more about each community group and submit an application to join!

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Advanced Nursing Practice
This group is a dedicated community for APRNs to engage in focused discussions on issues related to this acute and critical care practice.
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Nurses in Leadership
Those interested in discussing leadership and management topics for acute and critical care environments are encouraged to join this community.
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Nurses in Professional Development
In this group, we will discuss best practices on education, orientation, policies and procedures. All those interested in nurse development are welcome.
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Pediatric/PICU APRN Community
The Pediatric/PICU APRN Community is a dedicated group for pediatric APRNs to discuss advanced nursing practice in pediatric acute and critical care.
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Future and New Nurses
Future and new nurses are welcome to connect, share experiences, seek guidance, and gain support from peers and expert AACN nurses in this group.
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CSI Influencers
This group is for CSI nurses, direct care nurses, clinical educators, nurse leaders and anyone interested in leading change or unit-based projects.
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Clinical Practice
This community provides advice and discussions on clinical topics. Gain insight from colleagues, understand their approaches and share experiences.
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AACN Peer Support
(AACN Members Only)
This community is for AACN members dealing with the personal and professional challenges of nursing and discussion on healthy work environments.

AACN Practice Resource Network

AACN encourages nurses to seek input from peers about their experiences, recommendations and lessons learned regarding nursing practice, as typically there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to many clinical questions. If you submit a question directly to AACN's Clinical Practice Team, an AACN clinical practice specialist will respond within 10 business days.