Online Nursing Community Forums

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AACN’s growing network of online community spaces provide you direct access to other nurses that make connecting easy in a safe and welcoming environment.

A community forum is an online space where individuals congregate to share their ideas, opinions and concerns. Each community space is unique and allows you to interact and discuss nursing practice on specific topics that affect the acute, progressive and critical care environments. As a part of one or all of the groups, you can discuss best practices and tap into community’s resources while learning from each other through similar experiences.

Together, we can share knowledge, challenges and inspiration to create solutions that make our work easier, our practice better and our patients safer.

Peer Support Community

Audience: AACN members interested in receiving or offering peer support from other AACN members about the personal and professional challenges of nursing

Common Topics: Burnout, moral distress, PTSD, self-care

Future and New Nurses

Audience: Undergraduate nursing students and nurses new to profession

Common Topics: New graduate nursing roles, common mistakes, getting through nursing school, resiliency

Clinical Practice Community

Audience: Direct care nurses, charge nurses, clinical educators, advanced practice nurses and anyone else interested in connecting with their peers to discuss clinical practice topics

Common Topics: Evidence-based and best practices, clinical practice topics, policies, procedures, protocols

CSI Influencers

Audience: CSI nurses, CSI influencers, coaches and organization’s points of contact, direct care nurses, charge nurses, clinical educators, advanced practice nurses, nurse leaders and anyone else interested in connecting with their peers to discuss leading change or leading a unit-based project

Common Topics: Knowledge, skills and support to create/lead positive change, CSI Academy announcements and events

Advanced Nursing Practice in Acute and Critical Care (ANPACC)

Audience: Clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, clinical educators, researchers and others

Common Topics: Patient care problems, ethical dilemmas, research utilization, role issues, scope of practice, best practices

ELearning Community of Practice

Audience: Clinical educators, clinical nurse specialists, managers and anyone else interested in eLearning or sharing best practices

Common Topics: Essentials of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO), ECG classes, blended learning, implementing eLearning, orientation, best practices for a range of progressive and critical care interventions, policies, procedures, protocols

Nurses in Healthcare Management and Business Leadership (NIHMBL)

Audience: Nurse managers, charge nurses, clinical educators, clinical nurse specialists

Common Topics: Staffing, best practices, policies, protocols

Pediatric/PICU APRN

Audience: Pediatric clinical nurse specialists, pediatric advanced practice nurses

Common Topics: Pediatric clinical practice and role related issues, best practices, policies, protocols

AACN Practice Resource Network

AACN encourages nurses to seek input from peers about their experiences, recommendations and lessons learned regarding nursing practice as typically there is not a one size fits all answer to many clinical questions. If you want to submit a question directly to the AACN's Clinical Practice Team, an AACN clinical practice specialist will respond to your inquiry within 10 business days.