Certification Review Webinar FAQs & To-Do's

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between group and individual registration?

Individual registrants purchase one registration and receive personal access to the live sessions, webinar recordings and CE hours. The sessions, recordings and CEs can be accessed anywhere from an internet-connected device. Access links cannot be shared.

Group registration enables a group leader to purchase the webinar series for a group of up to 30 learners — the leader plus 29 additional participants. Following their purchase, group leaders receive an emailed link with instructions on how to register their group members. Since access is limited to 30 participants, leaders should carefully track the number of group members registered. Leaders may coordinate group viewing for each session (recommended), although group members may attend from different locations, either together or separately. Group registration also includes access to archived recordings and CE hours. Access links cannot be shared.

All participants, whether individual or group, must sign in to the webinar event platform to access live sessions, view recordings and earn CE.

How do I register my group?

Each group leader's purchase triggers an automatic email confirming their transaction. This confirmation email includes a link with instructions on how to register group members. Group leaders can expedite participant registration by uploading a spreadsheet with their group members' information. Access automatically stops at 30 registrants, so keeping track of the group member list is critical. The week before the first live session, each group member will receive a unique activation email, which enables access to sessions, recordings and CE.

  • Note: If group members will view the course together, it is not necessary for each individual to register; however, individual registration is required for a participant to access recorded sessions and CE hours.

We urge group leaders to closely monitor the number of attendees registered since only 30 participants (including the leader) are granted access.

Is any coursework required before attending the course?

This course has no prerequisites. However, participants may find it helpful to review the current exam handbook for their desired credential before beginning the course.

When will handouts be available?

Handouts created by the webinar presenters will be accessible for viewing and printing beginning the day of each live session.

Can I pay with a check?

We cannot accept checks. Payment must be submitted online during the event registration process, which uses secure payment processing through AACN's PayPal account.

What if my plans change?

If you have already registered and cannot attend one or more of the live sessions, you may access the archived online recordings and receive CE hours upon completion of the review series.

How do I obtain a refund?

You will receive a full refund if you cancel by 11:59 p.m. PT on Oct. 16 2023. Cancellation requests must be emailed to cert.review@aacn.org.

(Cancellations cannot be accepted after the above time.)

Refunds will be processed as received, and a credit should appear within five business days.

How do I access the archived online recordings?

Session recordings are available online within two to three business days after the associated live session concludes. Each registered participant — individual or group — will have access to all recorded sessions through Jan. 6, 2024 (three months following the final live session). You may access the archived recordings and CE with the same unique link used to access the live sessions. A reminder email will be sent to you after each session.

What if I need help?

For additional questions about the registration process or technical requirements, please email colleen@advancedmediaworks.com.

For technical assistance before or after live sessions, access this link: https://advancedmediaworks.formstack.com/forms/aacn_support_request

For nontechnical questions about the course or refunds, please email cert.review@aacn.org.


All Attendees (Individuals and Group Leaders)

AACN's live webinar is presented through a virtual event platform. All content is viewed through your computer or mobile device, so you must have internet access.

The day of each session

Log in to the webinar event platform using the credentials provided to activate your profile in the system. We suggest logging in about 15 minutes before the session starts to ensure you are able to connect. Once logged in, access the agenda on the top menu bar to select that day's session and download the session handouts. The Session Launch page will offer two options — either join Zoom and participate natively in the Zoom webinar environment, or watch through the webinar event platform via live stream. Be sure to have your smartphone handy to participate in the polling questions.

Double-check your system

If you plan to watch the webinars natively in Zoom vs. the webinar event platform, please complete the following Zoom check before the initial session:

  • Download, install and test Zoom using the following links:
  • If you already have Zoom downloaded, please confirm you have the latest version using the test link above.
  • If possible, please have your computer hardwired to your internet connection or close to the Wi-Fi router.

Add these course-related email addresses to your safe senders list

After you register, you will receive confirmation emails and reminders from the following email addresses: noreply-certreview@aacn.org and activation@aacnevents.org. You may also receive course-related emails from cert.review@aacn.org. To ensure you receive login links, registration information and reply emails from AACN, please add these three email addresses to your safe senders list.

Disable popup blockers

Be sure to disable popup blockers in your internet browser's settings so the live sessions can open in Zoom and you can download handouts from the webinar event platform.

Accessing the audio

Your system must have a sound card, because you will listen to the presenter through your computer or mobile device speakers. If you have any difficulties, please contact Technical Support at 714-235-3786. Technical Support will be available 30 minutes before each live session until the end of each session.

Group Leaders

Group leaders must purchase registration for the group, and they may register themselves as a participant if desired. We suggest that group leaders carefully track member names in order to stay within the 30-seat limit for each group; no exceptions will be made.

We recommend that group members attend the live sessions together. We also urge attendees to bring their smartphones to participate individually in polling questions, which helps enhance learning and engagement. If logistics prevent a group member from attending sessions with their group, that member can access the live sessions directly once they personally register on the webinar event platform (using their unique activation email sent the week before the first live session).

Group viewing preparations

For group viewing, group leaders may want to use a computer, projection screen and external speakers. If so, we recommend that you:

  • Confirm all the necessary equipment is set up in the room before the webinar starts
  • Conduct a system check (see above, under "Double-check your system")

You also may want to send a group reminder email before each live session to maximize attendance and remind attendees about bringing their smartphones for the live polling questions.

Note: Only group members who activate their registration in the webinar event platform (using their unique activation email) will be able to access the sessions, recordings, handouts and CE, as well as receive reminder emails before each live session.