Justify Your Attendance: Tools to Make the Case

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Make a strong case for attending NTI 2018 in Boston by explaining the return your organization gets from investing in your NTI experience. One of the best ways to convey the value is to connect your organization's goals to the educational opportunities offered at NTI.

Set yourself up for success by taking time before NTI to reflect personally and review your learning goals. Start working now with your manager, educator or administrator by customizing  our NTI return on investment tools to help secure financial support this year.

Articulate the Value of Attending NTI

Focus on what you will specifically bring back to your unit or hospital in return for the opportunity to attend. This should include identifying educational sessions tied to your unit's or hospital's strategic initiatives, as well as sessions related to your continuing professional development. 

Download our step-by-step guidelines and a template letter to manager to help organize and optimize your NTI learning experience as you plan your schedule.

Incorporate Cost-Saving Strategies

Take advantage of cost-saving strategies to make your trip to Boston fun and affordable.