Learning Management Systems

AACN LearnCenter

The AACN LearnCenter is AACN's user-friendly learning management system (LMS), offering support for learners, educators and administrators.The LearnCenter platform delivers AACN’s suite of eLearning products, a collection of online courses that offer the continuing education and professional training that progressive and critical care clinicians need to maintain their edge and support the best patient outcomes. Designed with educator and site manager needs in mind, it features tools to monitor student progress through the following platform features and benefits:

  • Courseware delivered directly to the learner, recording and keeping each learner's progress throughout the learning experience
  • Intuitive reporting featuring detailed data related to students, courses and groups
  • Technical support from trained specialists available 24/7, 365 days a year, for help resolving any technical issues or answering questions
  • Timely notifications regarding course updates and maintenance
  • Three access licenses for administrators, as well as preview access to AACN's full online course portfolio including a standard implementation
  • Online training and guidance for LMS platform management and administration

Intuitive, easy to manage and powerful, AACN’s LearnCenter provides learners, educators and administrators with the tools they need to support the most effective implementation of clinical education.

LMS Distribution Partners

Many institutions already subscribe to an LMS, which they use to provide educational offerings to their learners. For this reason, AACN also offers its E-Learning suite through LMSs available through valued partner organizations.

symplr offers solutions for organizations to assist their nurses in learning, growing and delivering quality care across the healthcare continuum. As an AACN distribution partner and LMS provider, they are committed to providing nurses and nurse educators with a way to organize their web-based learning activities.

HealthStream is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through clinical development. As an AACN distribution partner, they help nurses advance their specialty practice with online critical care orientation and continuing education, and provide an LMS for educators and administrators to organize staff learning.

Elsevier is a global publishing company with a history of collaboration to advance science and health, including their role as an LMS provider and AACN distribution partner of eLearning critical care courses.