Technical System Requirements

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Internet browser:

  • Internet Explorer 8+ (with v10 and 11 in Compatibility Mode)              
  • Latest versions of Chrome and Firefox
  • Safari 5.1x (with Flash Player installed)
  • Set privacy settings to medium or medium-high.
  • Set pop-up blocker to accept pop-ups in domains specified below (under Internet access).
  • Accept third-party cookies and allow session cookies.
  • Enable JavaScript in the browser settings.
  • Enable HTTP version 1.1 in the browser settings.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices, such as iPads, are not supported at this time. We are working on this.


300Mhz or higher



Internet access:

56K modem or faster (high speed access for best results).



Internet protocol:

  • TCP Port 80 - HTTP 1.1
  • TCP Port 443 - SSL

Screen resolution:

  • For Learners:  1024 x 768 or higher recommended (800 x 600 minimum).
  • For Site Managers:  1024 x 768 or higher required.

Sound card and speakers:



  • Latest version of Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader 5 or higher
  • Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher

Firewall/proxy/cache server settings:

If a proxy server is used, HTTP 1.1 must be enabled on the proxy server, and the client browser be configured to use HTTP 1.1 through the proxy connection. Other network devices must also support version 1.1 of HTTP.

Your network administrator will need to ensure clients' hosts can access domains listed above. Flash uses standard Web packets.

In some proxy configurations, URL caching should be disabled or bypassed for the "" domain. This configuration change is not required unless problems occur when using cached URLs.


To receive LearnCenter emails, all users must add the following email addresses to their safe sender list:

IT Team Action:

Add the following IP addresses. If your network has firewall or other access rules, you may need to revise the rules to whitelist the IP addresses associated with the LearnCenter’s Oracle hardware platform, which are listed below. 

NOTE: Please do not disable IP addresses you currently have for the LearnCenter; you should augment that list with the new addresses.

The LearnCenter system does not support Enterprise Mode in Internet Explorer.