AACN Continuing Professional Development Scholarships

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Q: Do I need to be an AACN member to apply?  
A: Yes, membership is required when you apply and must be maintained throughout your funded activity. (AACN and AACN Certification Corporation staff and board members are not eligible.)

Q: What types of activities are eligible for a scholarship? 
A: We fund many kinds of opportunities, including health policy, evidence-based practice and leadership development, conferences, local events, skills to create a healthy work environment, and personal growth and communications. (Note:  AACN’s National Teaching Institute, AACN-sponsored programs, professional association dues and clinical certification preparation are not eligible.)

Q: When can I apply for a scholarship?  
A: You may apply throughout the year, but please submit your application three to four months in advance of the requested activity.

Q: Do I include my expenses in the application?  
A: Yes, you need to present a budget for your activity with specific dollar amounts and a total.

Q: What if travel is required? 
A: Up to $750 is allowed for travel-related expenses, if needed.

Q: How is my application judged? 
A: The review process is blinded, and reviewers don’t receive your resume. Their decisions are final.

Q:  is the maximum amount funded? 
A: Up to $3,000 per person is available each year, and partial funding may be awarded. Funds are sent directly to you.

Q: Are the funds taxable? 
A: Yes, scholarships are considered taxable income, unless you have different qualifications based on IRS regulations, or your facility is paying for your activity. AACN files form 1099-MISC with the IRS.

Q: What is the next step after I complete my funded activity? 
A: You would send an evaluation to AACN, documenting the experience and how it helped you achieve your goals. Your name and scholarship information may be included in promoting the scholarship program.

What if I have more questions? Send an email to scholarships@aacn.org, and a representative will contact you.