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Nurses are not only the heart and soul but also the face of healthcare, embodying excellence in their practice. Their knowledge and dedication make a lasting impression on the lives of patients and families. During Nurses Week, let’s celebrate the outstanding contributions of nurses everywhere.

Empowering Excellence: Resources and Support

Treat yourself to these carefully curated resources.

AACN Advocacy: Staffing, Nurse Support and More

Staffing Standards
Based on the Task Force recommendations that AACN co-led and with input from our community, we’ve created the first Standards for Appropriate Staffing in Adult Critical Care.
Staffing: New Approaches Are Crucial
Read about AACN’s leadership in national initiatives to improve staffing in acute and critical care and find resources you can apply in your unit.
AACN Advocacy: Using Our Voice in Coalition
Nursing engagement in policy is vital. We work with other organizations in coalition, to advance the priorities of our community.
A Nurse’s Journey From Assault to Advocacy
Receiving the proper assistance after experiencing workplace violence helped this emergency nurse find her voice to help others.
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Foster Healthy Work Environments (HWEs)

Discover the impact of AACN's HWE standards and the Healthy Work Environment Assessment Tool (HWEAT) - Version 2.0, which empower healthcare teams to assess, improve and sustain workplace health for better patient care and nurse fulfillment. Learn about AACN's HWE National Collaborative and access free resources to create a healthier work environment, driving positive outcomes and fostering professional well-being.

Nurses Making a Difference: Inspiration and Innovation