Membership Discounts

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AACN offers two cost-saving options for joining our community of exceptional nurses. Both programs provide volume discounts of $9 per one-year active membership when five or more memberships are purchased together. Choose the discount program that works best for you and your organization.

Membership Group Discount (group application submission)

A rate of $69 per one-year membership (new or renewing) is available to groups of five or more nurses applying and paying together. One person serves as group coordinator and each individual must complete a membership application and include full payment by check or credit card. Memberships will be activated upon receipt and processing of your application.

Membership Value Program (discounted pre-paid vouchers)

Quantities of five or more pre-paid membership vouchers are available to hospitals, chapters or individuals at a discounted cost of $69 per one-year membership. Vouchers must be purchased together to receive the special rate, and may be distributed as gifts or resold. Recipients may activate their membership by phone, fax or mail.