2017 in Review: Top Resources

Jan 01, 2018

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Want to stay up-to-date on the latest evidence, practices and trends but don’t have much time? Take advantage of this one-stop collection of the most popular acute and critical care nursing resources offered by AACN in 2017. From continuing education (CE) activities to webinars and sepsis guidelines to moral distress, you’ll find the content you need to maintain your edge and continue providing the very best care to patients and their families.

To make it easier for you, we’ve gathered 2017’s top resources in six different categories: Continuing Education Activities, Webinars, Practice Alerts, AACN Store, Critical Care Nurse articles and American Journal of Critical Care articles.

Continuing Education Activities

AACN’s CE library contains over 200 activities to choose from. Your colleagues most often chose these four activities to earn CE contact hours and CERPs.

AACN Webinars

What is everyone watching? These popular webinars on timely nursing topics connect the dots between conceptual knowledge and practical application, and offer CE hours as well.

Practice Alerts

Find important evidence-based nursing actions for the best care of your patients in these four most downloaded AACN Practice Alerts.

AACN Store: Clinical Items

Your high-acuity and critical care nursing peers selected the following clinical resources from the AACN store more than any others. How might you use these in your practice?

  • Fast Facts for Critical Care - A small but mighty resource for acute and critical care nurses, this ring-bound reference puts the latest treatment guidelines, advanced procedures, critical medications and emergency interventions at your fingertips.
  • AACN Essentials of Critical Care Nursing, 3rd ed. - This enduring resource covers the must-know details on the care of critically ill adult patients and their families, helping you practice safely in critical care settings.
  • Fast Facts for Cardiac Surgery - Our most popular add-on chapter for “Fast Facts for Critical Care,” this reference module presents facts on postoperative care and potential emergencies that may occur.
  • Cardiac Surgery Advanced Life Support Course Manual, 2nd ed. - In this manual specifically focused on the patient after cardiac surgery, you’ll find tools and information for emergencies, abnormal progression and normal progression.

Articles in Critical Care Nurse

Join your colleagues in reading the most-accessed articles of 2017 in this nursing journal focused on the bedside care of patients with complex needs.

Articles in American Journal of Critical Care

If you are seeking the best evidence for patient care, you’ll find it in these popular articles focused on advances in clinical research and their application at the bedside.