Certification Scholarships Available

Aug 23, 2021

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For a limited time, AACN is offering certification scholarships for members seeking a CCRN or PCCN credential for the first time.

Each scholarship includes a one-time exam registration fee plus access to a comprehensive AACN online certification review course. Scholarship applicants must meet specific certification eligibility requirements and be first-time CCRN or PCCN candidates. AACN will grant a total of 82 scholarships with applications due by Oct. 18, 2021. See below for details and a link to apply.

These scholarships are made possible through generous support from the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS) and the Major League Baseball Team Physicians Association (MLBTPA). Both organizations wish to recognize nurses for their amazing work during the COVID-19 pandemic … and what better way than providing an opportunity for nurses’ professional advancement though certification.

Scholarship and Application Details

Scholarships to Be Awarded:

  • Forty-one (41) CCRN (acute/critical care) or PCCN (progressive care) nursing certification scholarships funded through a donation by PBATS
  • Forty-one (41) CCRN (acute/critical care) or PCCN (progressive care) nursing certification scholarships funded through a donation by MLBTPA


  • One-time registration fee for computer-based certification exam: Option of CCRN (Adult, Pediatric or Neonatal) or PCCN (Adult) Certification
  • AACN Certification Review Course Online: Option of CCRN (Adult, Pediatric or Neonatal) or PCCN (Adult)

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Hold current active membership (RN status) in AACN at the time of application and throughout the full term of the funded activity (August 2021 to July 2022).
  • Be a first-time candidate for the CCRN or PCCN certification desired (if you are or have been certified as one, you may apply for the other)
  • Meet the specific "Initial Eligibility Requirements" for CCRN (Adult, Pediatric or Neonatal) or PCCN (Adult) certification as outlined in each credential's initial certification exam handbook
  • Must apply and schedule certification exam within six months of notification

Note: the following are NOT eligible for an AACN certification scholarship:

  • Members of the AACN or AACN Certification Corporation board of directors or national office staff
  • Nurses who have previously held (or currently hold) the credential they are applying for

Submission Process:

  • Complete online certification scholarship application, including basic biographical and demographic information plus thoughtful responses to additional required questions
  • Application deadline: Oct. 18, 2021
  • Recipients to be notified by email by Dec. 1, 2021

For questions, please email certscholarships@aacn.org.

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