President's Column: New Beginnings and Great Hope

Jan 06, 2024

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AACN President Terry Davis wishes you a Happy New Year. She has great hope for 2024 and encourages you to ask yourself, “How can I become more engaged in the transformation our healthcare system is undergoing?”
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I love the beginning of a new year! We have many opportunities to restart and renew, and I have great hope for 2024.

This year we celebrate 50 years of NTI. How exciting is that?

I think back to when the pioneers of AACN sat around a kitchen table and created a plan to found an organization to provide education, inspiration and recognition of critical care nursing expertise. The first annual NTI was held in 1974. Since then, nurses of all backgrounds come to learn and network with colleagues from around the world. After we attend NTI, we return to our workplaces with renewed energy, keeping the positivity of NTI alive throughout the year. We share our learnings and inspire our peers to create safe, inclusive and healthy work environments.

As this new year begins, think about how you can create a “kitchen table” experience, where you engage other nurses to participate in designing a workplace you want to be part of. Create environments where new graduates are supported, experienced nurses are valued for their expertise, and collaborative teams build relationships grounded in mutual respect, shared knowledge, and a laser focus on the needs of patients and their families.

Today our profession continues to experience many challenges. This can be discouraging; however, we know challenges can be a catalyst for change. The direction of that change depends on us. I encourage you to ask yourself, “How can I become more engaged in the transformation our healthcare system is undergoing?” “Which leaders can I collaborate with, sharing my thoughts on how to enhance our profession and improve our environment?”

This is a great time to continue to engage and take part in the evolution of care – a time to take a risk. Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s OK if you don’t succeed the first time. It’s a great time to try and, if things aren’t working, reevaluate, change direction and restart fresh.

We are nurses. We are worthy, bold advocates. We know how to achieve optimal outcomes for patients and their families that others do not. This is the era to Rise Together to advance our profession and create a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and their families where we nurses make our optimal contribution.

I wish you a very Happy New Year. May it bring you joy, clarity and curiosity.

In the new year, how will you make a difference in the evolution of healthcare? Tell me your ideas at