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Provide an enhanced and standardized orientation for new and transitioning nurses using online learning and new methodologies

AACN Knowledge Assessment Tool
Digitally identify the educational needs of new ICU and PCU nurses, and use tailored assessments results to create personalized orientation plans addressing each nurse’s specific learning gaps.
Essentials of Critical Care Orientation
Ensure that new nurses are prepared and feel confident to provide safe patient care by providing personalized educational content that complements the knowledge gaps identified by the assessment tool.
Orientation Assessment
Design your ideal program by identifying the orientation needs of new nurses. Start by downloading and completing this assessment with your unit managers and preceptors.
Nurse Competence Framework
Assess a new nurse's readiness for taking on independent patient assignments using this framework and the eight synergy nurse competencies.
Essentials of ECG & Dysrhythmia Monitoring
Provide clinicians with the knowledge and tools to identify cardiac rhythm changes, determine patient needs and respond quickly to them.
Fundamental Skills for Preceptors
This course provides preceptors and future preceptors with realistic learning scenarios, comprehensive content, easy-to-implement practical applications that help learners use theory-based practices, assess and teach critical thinking skills and provide constructive feedback.

National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition

Experience best-in-class learning, inspiration and celebration with fellow nurse educators, including access to 200+ CEs and sessions covering more than 50 topics.

Clinical and Continuing Education

Explore or share ongoing educational opportunities that suit the needs of nurse educators, like you, and the staff you support


Invest in bedside nurses' professional and personal growth to help them advance their careers and become role models for their peers

Encourage nurses to validate their expertise and show co-workers, patients and families that they comply with national patient safety standards and practice evidence-based care.
Certification Review Course
Equip nurses with an essential tool to help build confidence to take their certification exam, test their knowledge and identify areas that need more study.

Unit Culture

Partner with unit leaders to foster a healthy work environment and promote your team's expertise through innovation


Seeking connection with other nurse educators? Meet virtually or in person, in spaces built to provide a safe environment for storytelling, collaboration and peer support

AACN e-Learning Community of Practice
Share your expertise, best practices and evidence-based resources on all things eLearning and general education.
Volunteer Opportunities
Sign up to volunteer to help influence, shape and define nursing practice and encourage others to do so too.
Join and encourage others to participate in your local chapter to take advantage of CE opportunities, networking and share current evidence-based practices.
Nurse Stories
Read and share inspirational stories from nurses in our community.