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Onboarding Staff

Integrate online learning to provide standardized orientation for new and transitioning nurses

Nurse Competence Framework
Use this framework with eight synergy nurse competencies to determine when a nurse new to practice is ready to transition from orientation and assume independent patient assignments.
Essentials of Critical Care Orientation
Orient nurses new to progressive and critical care practice with the knowledge and confidence necessary to provide safe patient care.
Essentials of ECG & Dysrhythmia Monitoring
Simplify the complex practice of ECG interpretation by equipping clinicians with the knowledge and tools to identify cardiac rhythm changes, determine patient needs and respond quickly.
Fundamental Skills for Preceptors
Equip future preceptors with the essential skills required for their new roles. This preparation helps ensure the successful integration of new staff, transition to independent practice and promotes safe patient care.

Staffing in Progressive & Critical Care

Appropriate staffing is one of the most significant challenges in nursing. Help meet the needs of patients, families and nurses by:

  • 1Discovering staffing solutions from our community

  • 2Sharing your own innovative solutions

  • 3Using key nurse staffing resources

Staffing Resources
Seek solutions and make a contribution toward supporting optimal patient care.
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Continuing Education for Your Unit

Share a variety of ongoing educational opportunities to fit the needs of your staff and their different learning styles

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Clinical Resources
Explore resources to help nurses make their optimal contribution to patients, families and healthy work environments.
Continuing Education Activities
Share education activities with your staff to equip them with up-to-date knowledge and tools to provide optimal care for patients.
Read and discuss diverse critical care topics of interest, from cardiopulmonary to patient care management and more.

Staff Professional Development

Invest in your team through certification, membership, scholarships and more

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Excellence Within Your Unit

Create or sustain a healthy work environment and promote your team’s expertise through innovation and patient outcomes

Healthy Work Environment (HWE)
Integrate AACN’s HWE standards to help produce effective and sustainable outcomes for both patients and nurses.
Beacon Award
Nominate your unit to be recognized for consistent and systematic approaches to evidence-based care that optimizes patient outcomes.
Clinical Scene Investigator (CSI) Academy
Leverage your team’s expertise to identify priority patient-care challenges, then develop, implement and evaluate solutions that result in quantifiable improvements.

Nurse Leader Development

Support your team and their needs by strengthening your skill set as a leader

Fundamental Skills for Nurse Managers
Gain a basic understanding of the language of finance, human resources, safety and quality as well as the leadership skills to be successful in the role of nurse manager.
AACN Leadership Podcast Series
Immerse yourself in free episodes that are perfect for listening on-the-go, covering topics such as staffing, diversity, budgets, mentorship, change, adversity and well-being.
Nurse Leader Community Forum
Join the conversation on Nurses in Healthcare Management and Business Leadership (NIHMBL) – an online space for nurse leaders to interact and discuss leadership and management issues.
Leadership Webinars
Learn from on-demand educational sessions that offer leadership knowledge and tools.