AACN Chapter Speaker Request Form – Virtual & In-Person Meetings

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The following are speaking engagement options for chapters to request for a future chapter event:

AACN President AACN Certification Corporation Chair
President-Elect Chair-Elect
Immediate Past President Immediate Past Chair

Chapters will be able to request other current AACN or AACN Certification Corporation Board Members to speak at their events, as well.

Please note that all members from both boards are not available on the following dates:

  • 11/02/22 – 11/09/22 AACN & AACN Certification Corporation Board Meetings
  • 04/12/23 – 04/19/23 AACN & AACN Certification Corporation Board Meetings
  • 05/18/23 – 05/25/23 NTI (Philadelphia)
  • 06/12/23 – 06/14/23 NTI (Virtual)

Download the Chapter Virtual and In-Person Meeting Checklist to get started.


Starting Now

  • A presentation including a virtual or in-person visit.
  • Minimum of 55 minutes (10 minute video + 45 minute presentation).
  • This activity qualifies learners for CE credit. View session summary for information and session evaluation link to obtain CE certificate.
  • Download the Video; Password: pres2023ab
  • Session Summary

Virtual Visit

  • 5 – 20 minute virtual visit. (For recognition, various celebrations, general greetings, etc.)

AACN Update

As a community of acute and critical care nurses, we are connected through our lived experiences, our commitment to patients and their families and our advocacy for a different and better future for health care. We are nurses changing the narrative. Our aspirations are as monumental as our commitment to taking them on boldly, because we are committed to bring about fundamental change. We can accomplish some of this change on our own. Some of it in collaboration with others. And some of it by supporting others who will do it themselves. This presentation illustrates key AACN community accomplishments from the past fiscal year. (Recommended minimum of 30 minutes).

  • For a virtual or in-person visit.
  • Download the presentation - (does not qualify for CERPs or CEs)
  • View the companion video.

AACN Certification

Certification of acute and critical care nurses is a formal recognition of knowledge based on national standards. Certification provides evidence to the public that the nurse meets established standards of quality and patient safety. This presentation provides the history of certification and shares information about the various certifications offered by AACN. Audiences can interact by answering the trivia questions at the end of the presentation. (60 min; 1 CE) *Can be modified for a shorter presentation and eligible for CERP C credit.

Other Topics Available for Presentation (All with Live Virtual & In-Person Visits)

AACN President – Amanda Bettencourt

AACN President-Elect – Theresa Davis

AACN Immediate Past President – Beth Wathen

Certification Corporation Chair – Elizabeth Scruth

Certification Corporation Chair-Elect – Myra Ellis

Certification Corporation Immediate Past Chair – Lisa Falcón


Click here to complete and submit the Speaker Request Form. Once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email from Mitzi Inman. If you do not hear from her within 7 business days, please contact her at (800) 394-5995, ext 365 or by email at Mitzi.Inman@aacn.org. Please print a copy of the completed form for your records.

Session Summary & Conflict of Interest Forms

Listed above are the Session Summaries and one Conflict of Interest (COI) form for each speaker and their respective topics – the one form covers all of their topics. Download the forms, complete the sections on the COI form that are chapter-specific, and save to your computer. You will need those to submit with your Program Approval Application for CE.

All chapter education records must be saved for 6 years. Electronic files are allowed.

Copyright Information

The Speakers’ presentation materials are intended for AACN Chapters to copy/provide for the sole purpose of giving to the attendees of this event. They may not be copied, sold or given away for any other purpose without expressed written permission of the Speaker.


Speaker Consent for Recording (In-person or Virtual Meetings)

If the chapter wants to record any speaker’s presentation, they must obtain written permission from the speaker, prior to the program. The form needs to be completed by the chapter and sent to the speaker for their signature. The chapter must copy Mitzi.Inman@aacn.org on the email. If the chapter will be using Zoom, for a virtual meeting, instructions on how to record the presentation are provided in the Chapter Host Instructions and on the Chapter Virtual Meeting Checklist.

Chapter Host Instructions (Virtual Meeting)

Instructions for hosting or facilitating a Zoom meeting, and how to use all the features.

Participant Instructions (Virtual Meeting)

Instructions and helpful hints for participating in Zoom meetings. Download and send to the participants of your meeting with your meeting connection information.

Contact Information

Email: Mitzi.Inman@aacn.org
Phone: 800-394-5995, ext. 365
Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 8 am-6 pm Pacific time