The AACN Impact Research Grants are funded and supported by AACN. We encourage experienced clinicians and researchers to propose projects that support inquiry and systematic research that generates new knowledge. The grants are designed to ensure a vital source of clinically relevant research for creating the evidence-based resources that influence high acuity critical care nursing practice. Research projects are two years in duration.

We expect and hope that the knowledge gained from the project will be shared. Upon completion of your research study or project, AACN encourages you to submit your work for publication and/or presentation. If you wish to present your results at NTI, please contact AACN staff (do not submit through the abstract review process).

Areas of Inquiry

We designed the AACN Impact Research Grant to address gaps in high-acuity and critical care areas of clinical research. The grants will ensure the pipeline for research that is vital to AACN’s research translation resources, such as protocols and practice alerts.

These grants will also facilitate research to support other AACN priorities, such as describing the impact of family presence, influencing nurse certification and implementing standards for healthy work environments.

Available Funding

Up to three grant awards are available annually. Each accepted proposal may be funded for $50,000.

Requirements for this Grant

  • Principal investigators must be AACN members, and must hold an earned master’s degree or have completed candidacy requirements in a BSN-to-PhD or DNP program.
  • Investigators will be expected to present completed studies at the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition.
  • When you are ready to present your results, please contact AACN staff (do not submit through the NTI abstract process).

Please review the documents included in the application bundle regarding the requirements after receiving an award or contact us at