AACN and Sigma Theta Tau International co-sponsor this $10,000 grant administered by AACN. This grant supports experienced nurses in conducting clearly articulated research studies. 

We expect and hope that the knowledge gained from this project will be shared. Upon completion of your research study or project, we encourage you to submit your work for publication and/or presentation. If you wish to present your results at NTI, contact AACN staff; do not submit through the abstract review process.

Available Funding 

One grant award is available annually and may be funded up to $10,000. 

Areas of Inquiry 

Qualified proposals must be relevant to high acuity and critical care nursing practice and address one or more of AACN’s research priority areas.

Proposals should also link with AACN’s research vision and agenda. The grant may be used to fund research for an academic degree.

Specific Requirements for This Grant

  • Principal investigator must be a member of either AACN or Sigma Theta Tau International.
  • At a minimum the principal investigator must hold an earned master's degree or have completed candidacy requirements in a BSN-to-PhD or DNP program.  

Additional Information on Grant Submission

Please review eligibility, application instructions and requirements after receiving an award.

Contact us at research@aacn.org.