Bold Voices

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Bold Voices CommitmentIn 2002, incoming AACN President Connie Barden challenged the attendees of the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition with the introduction of her year-long theme "Bold Voices-Fearless and Essential." She asserted that acute and critical care nurses must not only identify problems but must speak out to address the issues to assure that patients are cared for in a safe, humane and healing environment.

Her challenge was developed into a commitment card; asking each attendee to sign and make this commitment for their future practice. This has been included as a question in the Beacon Award (What is the number of AACN Bold Voices commitment statements that have been signed by the nurses in your unit?) in the category of "Healing Environment." The inclusion of this question signifies the importance AACN places on each nurse's accountability for using his or her "bold voice" when problems arise affecting nurses, patient safety and healthcare.

Make the commitment today with the "Bold Voice" commitment card.