Against Medical Advice: Addressing Treatment Refusal

Against Medical Advice: Addressing Treatment Refusal

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Book, 252 pages, 2021

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Against Medical Advice: Addressing Treatment Refusal

When a patient or family refuses treatment-maybe even lifesaving treatment-because it is contrary to their social, religious, or cultural beliefs, it can plunge healthcare providers, families, and patients into a difficult, emotionally charged conversation. Complex and diverse ethical dilemmas such as this can profoundly impact the health, welfare, and mental and emotional well-being of everyone involved. What's more, today's nurses and healthcare professionals will almost inevitably face this situation or one like it.

Authors Luanne Linnard-Palmer and Ellen Christiansen prepare healthcare professionals to compassionately assess and understand people's beliefs, cultures, and philosophical perspectives. Their proven strategies and step-by-step examples guide providers to consider the patient's and family's point of view, share concerns with other healthcare team members, and negotiate the best possible outcome for all involved.

ISBN #: 9781646480500

Authors: L. Linnard-Palmer, E. Christiansen