Certification Value Program

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To help more nurses become certified, AACN offers substantial savings and free review courses to support exam candidates to hospital-based employers through a prepaid certification exam voucher program.

In a Nutshell

  • Employers purchase a minimum of 30 certification exam vouchers using the Certification Value Program Exam Voucher Request Form.
  • Any combination of eligible exams may be selected.
  • Employers distribute vouchers to certification exam candidates as needed.
  • Exam candidates submit their voucher to AACN along with their certification application.
  • Candidates must sit for their exam within 90 days of receiving notification of application approval (computer-based testing only).
  • Vouchers are valid for three years from the date of purchase.
  • Significant price discounts apply see cost chart below for details.
  • All standard certification eligibility requirements apply.
  • Includes free institutional license for the review course associated with each specialty exam type purchased.
  • Download and share our Certification Value Program poster.

The Details

Which certification exams are eligible?
Certification Value Program prepaid vouchers may be purchased for initial CCRN, CCRN-K, CCRN-E, PCCN and PCCN-K specialty certification exams, and CMC and CSC subspecialty certification exams.

What do vouchers include?
Each prepaid voucher covers the application fee for one certification exam. As part of the Certification Value Program, employers receive one institutional license for the AACN certification review course associated with each specialty exam type purchased. Participant packets with additional study resources and CE options may also be purchased at a significant discount.

The institutional license authorizes the review courses be made available on a Facility’s/Institution’s Intranet or network system. This program is not intended for Learning Management Systems (LMS) or to be published on the Internet.

Vouchers do not include AACN membership. Learn more about our
AACN bulk membership discount on our website, or call AACN Customer Care at 800-899-2226.

Do all 30+ exam vouchers have to be for the same credential?
No. Different eligible exams may be combined to make up the minimum of 30 exam vouchers.

Does the hospital need to sign a contract?
No. Contracts are not required. Simply complete the exam voucher request form and submit it with required payment to AACN.

What if I need additional vouchers?
Small quantities of additional exam vouchers may be purchased within one year of the original voucher purchase date. After one year, the 30-voucher minimum applies.

How long do I have to use the vouchers?
Vouchers are valid for three years.

What testing methods are available?
Exams must be taken via computer-based testing at an PSI/AMP Testing Center. Vouchers are not valid for group paper-and-pencil exam sessions.

How does the Certification Value Program support prospective certificants?
Thanks to the significant cost savings, employers may choose to distribute multiple vouchers to individual nurses, if needed, for retesting. Knowing they have a backup option often reduces nurses test anxiety and fear of failure.

AACN's Certification Value Program also provides access to a world-class certification review course for each exam type purchased, enhancing clinical knowledge and building test-taking confidence.

Are exam discount prices the same for AACN members and nonmembers?
Yes. The same discount exam voucher price applies regardless of AACN membership status.

Certification Value Program pricing:

Number of Vouchers Exam Price Per Application

(based on 30 vouchers)

Nonmember Member Value Program
30+ CCRN, CCRN-K, or CCRN-E $340 $235 $180 Up to $155 per exam
or $4,500 total
PCCN or PCCN-K $285 $185 $145

Up to $135 per exam
or $3,900 total
(if all PCCN/PCCN-K)

CMC or CSC $215 $130 $100 Up to $110 per exam
or $3,150 total
(if all CMC/CSC)

How do I take advantage of the Certification Value Program?
There are two parts to participating in AACNs Certification Value Program.

Part 1: Employers

AACN Certification Corporation
Attn: Amy Shaw
101 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
  • Voucher orders will be processed within one week of receiving payment.
  • Distribute prepaid vouchers to exam candidates as needed, when they are ready to apply for a certification exam.

Part 2: Exam Candidates

  • Complete the appropriate printed application form and honor statement for your selected certification (in the back of each certification exam handbook).
  • Attach your exam voucher to your completed application documents, and mail them to:
AACN Certification Corporation
Attn: Amy Shaw
101 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
  • Schedule your exam date within 90 days after your application is processed and approved. You will receive exam scheduling information from PSI/AMP once your application is processed.

Need for information?

For questions about the Certification Value Program, please email certification@aacn.org or call us at 800-899-2226, ext. 334.