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Upholding the Value of Certification

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AACN Principles Supporting the Value of Certification - See how the principles of accountability, integrity and stewardship are woven throughout AACN’s certification program processes.
What AACN Does to Uphold the Value of Certification - AACN Certification Corporation is committed to making sure our processes protect the integrity of our certification programs. This section addresses exam security, eligibility authenticity and credential use.  
What the Nursing Community Can Do to Uphold the Value of Certification -Certificants work hard to earn their credentials and have a stake in making sure exam item content is secure and candidates are indeed eligible to sit for an exam and renew the credential. Certification continues to be a valued mark of excellence and specialty knowledge. Here are some things you can do to help.
Reporting Potential Problems - This section instructs nurses how to report potential problems related to protecting the value of certification, such as falsification of honor statements, fraud, misuse of credentials, sharing item-specific information about an exam.
What is Cheating? - Cheating can take many forms. This section may open your mind about what is considered unacceptable behavior, consequences of cheating and crossing the line, and what can be done about it.
Quiz: When has the Line Been Crossed? - Test yourself to see if you can identify which situations cross the line and jeopardize the integrity of an exam - and could consequently jeopardize your certification or potential certification.
Verification of Certification - Use our online system to check certification status; for employers, state boards, certificants and the public.
Additional Links - This section includes links of interest related to upholding the value of certification, including what other certification organizations and national state boards of nursing have to say about ethics and cheating.