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Top Resources

Popular resources frequently accessed by direct care nurses.

Join and gain access to exclusive member benefits, including certification and NTI discounts, free CEs, scholarships and more.
Clinical Resources
Stay up-to-date on the latest evidence-based and standard-setting practices with webinars, practice alerts and more.
Validate your expertise and show employers, co-workers, patients and families that you comply with national patient safety standards and practice evidence-based care.

Clinical Education

Nursing requires constant reassessment and extensive study of theory and practice to stay relevant. Provide patients and families the best possible care by staying up-to-date on current practices and research.

National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition (NTI)

Experience learning, inspiration and celebration with your fellow nurses, including access to 200 CEs and sessions covering over 30 topics.

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Seeking connection with other nurses? Meet like-minded nurses, virtually or in person, in spaces built to provide a safe environment for storytelling, growth and mentoring.

The benefits of belonging to these communities are as individual as we are. It's a safe environment to develop personal excellence, expand knowledge and collaborate with each other.

Julie Miller, BSN, RN, CCRN-K
Online Communities
Become part of a virtual community of nurses by asking questions, finding answers and exchanging ideas with one another.
Join your local chapter to take advantage of CE opportunities, network and share evidence-based practices.

Professional Development

Skill development is vital to your professional success. Learn and grow at any stage of your direct care nursing career with our world-class educational resources.

Inspire Change

Making optimal contributions to patient care and safety is at the center of what you do. Help drive nursing excellence in your unit, and seek recognition for your team's efforts.

Policy and Advocacy
Learn how to advocate and drive policy change for your patients and the profession.
Work with your leadership team to submit an application for Beacon Award recognition to determine if your unit meets evidence-based standards of excellence and patient safety.
Healthy Work Environments
Help create a healthy work environment by sharing HWE resources and the results of an assessment survey with your nurse leaders.
Clinical Scene Investigator Academy
Leverage your expertise to enhance and expand patient care with additional leadership skills gained through education, coaching and mentoring.