Online Course FAQs

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FAQ: eLearning Advantages

What are the benefits of AACN’s eLearning courses?

AACN’s eLearning courses provide the continuing education and professional training that nurses need, delivered in an online, interactive environment that keeps learners focused and stimulated, and features:

  • Comprehensive portfolio – Courses spanning critical care orientation to leadership development, with each one regularly reviewed and updated by content experts to reflect the latest evidence-based practices to care for pediatric to older adult patients
  • Convenient, web-based access – Accessible anywhere, anytime with an internet connection
  • Engaging, interactive courseware – Rich visuals, animation, videos and interactive exercises to engage a variety of learning styles
  • Blended learning integration – Seamless incorporation of technology-based learning with hands-on and classroom training
  • Best-in-class customer service and technical support – Live customer support from trained specialists available 24/7 every day

Are these courses accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)?

Yes, AACN is accredited as a provider of continuing education products for nurses. See specific courses for more information.

FAQ: Contracts & Renewals for Institutional Buyers

What is required to begin contracting for AACN eLearning services?

First, an online order must be submitted. AACN will then respond with an invoice, a site license agreement and a request for setup information within five business days. View Course Prices for Organizations to estimate the total cost based on the preferred site license type and term, and the number of end user licenses for selected courses.

What eLearning licensing terms are available to organizations?

There are two ways to approach AACN’s eLearning services for your healthcare organization. Your route will depend on your organization’s objectives.

Single LearnCenter — For healthcare organizations that need only one LearnCenter for multiple learners to access from any location (formerly named “Site License”)

One or more site managers are given the authority to create and assign learners (end-users) to courses and review learners’ course progress and scores. This way, site managers can align assigned learning with organizational goals, learners’ skills and job roles to increase employee productivity and performance.

Multiple LearnCenters — For organizations requiring more than one LearnCenter site (each able to be accessed by multiple learners) to deliver and track essential training tied to job roles and requirements (formerly named “Enterprise License”).

There are two main reasons to use multiple LearnCenters:

  1. Your healthcare organization requires you to maintain confidentiality between departments or locations, and you need to prevent unauthorized viewing of information.
  2. You expect to have a large number of learners and need to separate them to facilitate easier management of course scheduling and reporting.

Once we order AACN eLearning, when will we start receiving eLearning services?

Within one to five business days from the date you place your order, AACN will send you three documents requiring action (Hosted eLearning Agreement, Invoice for Payment and LearnCenter setup information request). Once we receive these three required items from your facility, your LearnCenter(s) will be ready to use within 12 business days.

Why do we need single or multiple LearnCenter licenses as well as end-user licenses?

The single or multiple LearnCenter license grants your organization access to AACN’s Learning Management System (LMS). End-user licenses grant individual learners access to assigned curricula, assessments and personal CE certificates, while allowing site managers to track each individual’s activity, progress and results. Separate end-user licenses are necessary for each course assigned to each learner.

FAQ: Institutional eLearning Users

Can we order additional end-user licenses or start learners in the middle of our single or multiple LearnCenter contract term?

Yes, additional end-user licenses can be purchased and used at any time during an active license term. The one-year term of each end-user license does not begin until you enroll the learner.

If you purchased end-user licenses that have not been distributed to learners by the expiration date of your contract, those licenses can be allocated to learners during the renewal term of your contract. If your contract expires before the end of the one-year term of an assigned end-user license, that end-user may continue their access during the renewal term of your contract until the one-year term is reached.

Each end-user license is good for one year of access to the assigned course. Should your organization’s site license expire and you choose to not renew, access to your LearnCenter will cease for both site managers and learners, even if they were issued an end-user license less than a year prior.

What if we need additional site manager accounts?

If you need additional site manager accounts beyond the three included with each single or multiple LearnCenter license, you can purchase accounts for a one-time fee. These site manager accounts do not expire as long as you have a valid single or multiple LearnCenter license. Following are the two types of site manager accounts:

  • Full-Content Site Manager: This site manager account is identical to the three included with the single or multiple LearnCenter license.
    • This account offers full learning administration capabilities to perform tasks such as enrolling learners, reviewing learners' progress and generating reports on their activities.
    • In addition, the site manager has access to the same courseware purchased for their learners, but without having to consume end-user licenses.
    • Additional full-content site manager accounts are $350 each.
  • Administrative-Only Site Manager: This account type is similar to the full-content site manager account.
    • It offers full learning administration capabilities to perform tasks such as enrolling learners, reviewing learners’ progress and generating reports on their activities.
    • However, this account type has no access to courseware, so it is not an appropriate account for an educator.
    • Administrative-only site manager accounts are $100 each.

Please note that if a site manager wishes to receive CE hours for an eLearning program, they will need to consume an end-user license for that course.

Individual eLearning Purchasers

Can an individual learner purchase eLearning courses?

Yes. Individual learners can purchase AACN’s online courses through the AACN Store.

FAQ: Course Tests/Exams

Are there pre- and post-tests or exams for AACN eLearning courses?

Most AACN eLearning courses do not have pre- and post-tests. Exceptions are ENCCO and EPCCO, which have practice tests at the lesson level, and ECG, which offers pre-tests that allow a learner to test out of certain areas of content at the lesson level.

Generally, courses are gated (tests or exams are inaccessible) until all content has been completed. Except for ECG, there’s no ability to “test out” of a course, lesson or module by taking the associated test or exam.

How do the tests/exams work?

Each course has one or more associated tests or exams (exception: certification review courses do not have tests). Each test attempt is constructed to cover the associated content material, often randomly pulling a set of test questions from a larger pool of questions, so no two tests are the same. Learners are not limited to the number of test attempts; however, we recommend that they consult their educator/preceptor after two failed attempts to receive any necessary coaching. The mastery score for all tests/exams is 80% or higher.

Can site managers view learner progress?

Yes. The AACN LearnCenter offers intuitive reports that allow site managers to quickly and easily view data and progress related to individual learners, courses, specific course content, custom groups and an overview of institutional progress.

FAQ: Technology Issues

How do learners and site managers obtain support for technical problems related to AACN eLearning?

The AACN eLearning Help Desk is your source for technical support with AACN eLearning. You can contact our Help Desk anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year, to receive support for technical issues that may arise, such as system failures, error messages, login assistance and browser configurations. End-users will receive in-system notifications or emails alerting them to any upcoming scheduled maintenance.

Computer systems must meet the technical system requirements for AACN eLearning for the Help Desk to support users. Email the Help Desk if you require support for a specific technical problem or to set up your computer to meet the requirements.

What are the most common technical issues with AACN eLearning?

The most common Help Desk tickets concern forgotten usernames and/or passwords. Automated emails with this important information are sent to new users upon their registration in the system. Users can also reset their password using the “Forgot your password?” link on the AACN LearnCenter login page.

To avoid other common technical issues, please review the technical system requirements for AACN eLearning. Please ask the information technology (IT) department at your organization to support you with these requirements, if needed.