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Become an Ambassador

To become an Ambassador complete your Ambassador Profile.

AACN Ambassador Charge

Are you passionate about AACN’s mission and see its value to your unit? Consider becoming an Ambassador.

  • Membership in the professional AACN community.
  • Specialty certification for acute and critical care nurses.
  • Evidence-based practice standards and protocols.
  • Recognition of excellence through the Beacon unit excellence program.
  • Engagement in educational opportunities including NTI, eLearning and the free CE center.
  • Local AACN chapter involvement.

Role Accountabilities of AACN Ambassadors

When you become an ambassador, you enter into a dynamic partnership with the national component of our AACN community that strengthens over time based on learning on both sides. You agree to fulfill your role obligations to the best of your ability and in keeping with the mission and values of the Association.

In exchange, the national staff agrees to uphold its obligations to support the ambassadors in optimally fulfilling their role obligations and to enhance its support over time.

AACN Ambassador Accountabilities

  • Actively promote AACN in your unit and/or facility including communicating the value of AACN to staff nurses and nursing leadership.
  • Stay up-to-date on AACN initiatives and forward relevant information to your colleagues using key resources such as AACN Bold VoicesCritical Care NurseAmerican Journal of Critical CareCriticalCare Newsline, AACN website and Ambassador Updates.
  • Respond to communication from National AACN by the stated deadline or within one week if no deadline is specified.
  • Participate in online forums provided by the national staff to ensure networking of Ambassadors.
  • Partner with local chapters to advance AACN initiatives within your community.

National AACN Support of Ambassadors

The following resources are provided by dedicated national staff to support Ambassadors in fulfilling their role:

  • Monthly updates with important and late-breaking information about AACN and ideas, tools and resources
  • A current Ambassador webpage and online resources
  • Online forums to learn, network and share best practices
  • Recognition for your achievements in your ambassador role
  • Networking opportunities at NTI