PCCN Roster Plaque

PCCN Roster Plaque

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PCCN Roster Plaque

Celebrate Certification. 

Acknowledge the achievement of obtaining PCCN certification by creating an honor wall showcasing the PCCN certified nurses in your unit with this handsome roster plaque. The walnut plaque displays a laser engraved PCCN logo with gold foil, recognition message and 18 brass plates for names. Measures 10” x 14”.

Recognition Message:

We are proud to recognize that the following have been granted PCCN certification by AACN Certification Corporation. PCCN is granted for three years and may be renewed.

Engraving not available through AACN.

Please note. There is a clear plastic film over the brass plates that is to be removed by the engraver. Sometimes this film is wrinkled which gives the illusion that the brass plate is scratched. The brass plates are secured with two screws and double sided tape which can be removed by your engraver.

Brass plates - 2 Holes, 2-3/8" x 7/8"