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Pocket Guide for ECGs Made Easy, 7th Ed.

Pocket Guide for ECGs Made Easy, 7th Ed.

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Pocket Guide, 109 pages, 2023

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Pocket Guide for ECG's Made Easy, 7th Ed.

Put essential ECG information at your fingertips! Based on Barbara Aehlert’s popular ECGs Made Easy, 7th Edition, this full-color pocket guide makes it quick and easy to identify and interpret basic heart rhythms. Each dysrhythmia includes a sample rhythm strip, a brief description, a discussion of possible patient symptoms, and general treatment guidelines. Ideal for use in classroom and practice settings, this handy, compact reference makes heart dysrhythmia information easy to find and easy to understand.

New to this edition

• NEW! Content updates mirror the changes to Aehlert’s core text, ECGs Made Easy, 7th Edition.
• NEW! Current science and clinical practice guidelines are reflected, including the American Heart Association’s 2020 ECC resuscitation guidelines where applicable.

Key Features

• Easy-to-read style and conversational tone make understanding ECG information quick and easy.
• Brief description of each dysrhythmia is accompanied by a concise summary of rhythm characteristics and a sample ECG rhythm strip.
• More than 70 full-color illustrations plus numerous tables and boxes highlight and summarize key information.

ISBN #: 9780323832878

Author: B. Aehlert