Concepts in Surgical Critical Care

Concepts in Surgical Critical Care

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Book, 500 pages, 2021

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Concepts in Surgical Critical Care

With more surgical patients requiring special perioperative care in an intensive care unit (ICU), there is an increased demand for Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) who are equipped to care for them. However, APPs such as Physician Assistants (PAs) or Nurse Practitioners (NPs) have limited specialized training and exposure to the unique needs of the perioperative critically-ill population. That's where this book can help.

Concepts in Surgical Critical Care is an indispensable resource for the APP, non-surgical intensivist, or non-intensivist surgeon who regularly provides critical care for surgical patients. It features a user-friendly organization designed for quick reference while at the bedside of patients or in an office. It starts with foundational critical care topics across all surgical specialties and is followed by the specifics, including gastrointestinal surgery, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, obstetrics, and more. This book is a unique resource written by APPs to help APPs provide superior care for their perioperative critically-ill patients.

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive yet concise single resource designed specifically for APPs caring for perioperative critically-ill patients
  • Emphasizes the importance of inter-professional collaboration when caring for these extremely ill patients, with each chapter co-written by a team of physicians and APPs who are experts in their respective fields
  • Includes Key Concepts, Clinical Pearls, Focus and Practice Questions, case studies, simulations, and numerous tables and figures to illustrate complex topics and aid in comprehension

Table of Contents:

Section  1  Foundational Concepts in Surgical Critical Care
  Chapter  1  The Neurologic System
  Chapter  2  The Cardiovascular System
  Chapter  3  The Respiratory System
  Chapter  4  The Gastrointestinal System
  Chapter  5  The Renal System
  Chapter  6  Hematology
  Chapter  7  Healthcare Associated Infections
  Chapter  8  The Endocrine System
  Chapter  9  Psychosocial Considerations in Critical Care
Section  2  Perioperative Patient Management
  Chapter  10  Gastrointestinal and General Surgery
  Chapter  11  Emergency General Surgery
  Chapter  12  Cardiac Surgery
  Chapter  13  Thoracic Surgery
  Chapter  14  Neurosurgery
  Chapter  15  Vascular Surgery
  Chapter  16  Abdominal Transplantation
  Chapter  17  Trauma
  Chapter  18  Burns
  Chapter  19  Head and Neck Surgery
  Chapter  20  Urology
  Chapter  21  Obstetrics
Section  3  Procedures and Technologies in Critical Care
  Chapter  22  Bedside Procedures: The Basics
  Chapter  23  Neurologic Procedures
  Chapter  24  Vascular Access Procedures
  Chapter  25  Airway Procedures
  Chapter  26  Therapeutic Thoracic and Abdominal Procedures
  Chapter  27  Point-of-Care Ultrasound
  Chapter  28  Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation

ISBN #: 9781284175073

Authors: B. Boling, K. Hatton, T. Hartjes