The ECMO Book, 1st Ed.

The ECMO Book, 1st Ed.

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Book, 234 pages, 2023

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The ECMO Book, 1st Ed.

ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) is a crucial form of support for patients with respiratory failure, severe ARDS, COVID-19, and cardiogenic shock whose use has been increasing exponentially around the world. The ECMO Book offers a comprehensive yet approachable framework for understanding the principles of extracorporeal support as well as the subtleties related to the care of patients needing ECMO. Dr. Jeffrey DellaVolpe provides authoritative, consistent guidance on all aspects of ECMO, making complex information understandable and accessible and helping you increase your knowledge of and proficiency with this multifaceted therapy.

ISBN #: 9780443111983

Author: J. DellaVolpe