Core Competencies of Civility in Nursing & Healthcare

Core Competencies of Civility in Nursing & Healthcare

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Book, 239 pages, 2022

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Core Competencies of Civility in Nursing & Healthcare

Incivility and other workplace aggressions have a significant impact on the lives of healthcare professionals, faculty, and students, as well as the patients and families in their care. Incivility in academic and practice environments can provoke uncertainty and self-doubt, weaken self-confidence, and cause detrimental and lasting effects on individuals, teams, and organizations. These behaviors can fracture relationships and result in life-threatening mistakes, preventable complications, harm, or even the death of a patient.

In Core Competencies of Civility in Nursing & Healthcare, Cynthia Clark—a nurse-leader dedicated to organizational change and an unwavering advocate for civility and dignity for all—provides an abundance of practical solutions to create and sustain communities of civility, diversity, inclusion, and respect in academic and healthcare environments. Using a wealth of evidence-based interventions, hands-on tools, and scholarly resources, this book expands current thinking on the topic of civility to create and support healthy, productive work and learning environments for the benefit of all.

ISBN #: 9781646480258

Author: C. Clark