Quality Caring in Nursing and Health Systems, 4th Ed.

Quality Caring in Nursing and Health Systems, 4th Ed.

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Book, 358 pages, 2023

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Quality Caring in Nursing and Health System

Freshly updated, this acclaimed text demonstrates how nurses can promote caring relationships with individuals, groups, and communities in various health care settings to ensure better patient outcomes, lower costs, and greater clinician well-being. The book is grounded in the author's Quality Caring Model©, a middle range theory that analyzes relationships among the self, the community, patients and families, and the health care team. It expands upon the concept of self-caring and examines current thinking on employee work engagement and creating value. Interviews with practicing nurses who describe current healthcare challenges and strategies for managing them also enrich the text.

Written for nursing students, clinicians, educators, and leaders, the book delves into the intricacies of relational healthcare and imparts strategies to ameliorate the ills of our current health system by focusing on nursing care that advances equity, pursues innovative and advanced educational experiences, leads, and engages in practice across multiple settings. Chapters apply the model to patients and families and provide optimal learning strategies to facilitate quality-caring competencies.

Key Features:

  • Examines the evolution, key concepts, and clinical, educational, and leadership applications of the Quality Caring Model
  • Underscores the significance of caring relationships in improving the safety and quality of healthcare systems
  • Delivers comprehensive, concise, evidence-based content throughout
  • Offers practical insights with real-life case studies and interviews in diverse community and academic settings
  • Includes memorable quotes, learning objectives, boxed calls to action, key summary points, reflective exercises, and Practice Analysis supporting an active, learner-centered approach

ISBN #: 9780826136862

Author: J. Duffy