Fast Facts for Patient Safety in Nursing

Fast Facts for Patient Safety in Nursing

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Book, 161 pages, 2022

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Fast Facts for Patient Safety in Nursing

This book presents an overview of common preventable issues and their causes, including medication errors, patient falls, pressure ulcers, infections, and surgical errors. It focuses on strategies for becoming a safe practitioner through education and competency development, while highlighting major national safety initiatives with improved outcomes. This Fast Facts discusses several theories that promote quality of care and concrete methods for fostering critical thinking and reasoning. It examines prioritization and delegation as a way to develop skills in addition to scope of practice, intuition, ethics, leadership, and emotional intelligence. The final chapter addresses patient safety using a holistic approach encompassing cultural humility and artificial intelligence. Each chapter includes an introduction, learning objectives, an illustrative case vignette, discussion questions and concise "tips from the field."

Key Features:

  • Helps nurse managers to prioritize and address specific safety and medical errors immediately
  • Delivers practical tips on improving patient care and outcomes
  • Provides step-by-step guidance on preventing medication errors—the leading cause of adverse events
  • Presents multiple strategies to develop critical thinking and judgment
  • Offers interviews with patient safety experts for context and application
  • Includes case studies, tips from the field, Fast Facts boxes, tables, discussion questions, suggested assignments, and more

ISBN #: 9780826151551

Author: D. Dolan Hunt